Energo-On develops rotary UPS systems that protect a load from outages and spikes, and acts as a bridge between utility power and a standby generator. The patented design simplifies and lowers the system cost.

Advantages of our machines are:

  • The only machine that regulates standby generator power fluctuations to <1Hz
  • The only “On Line UPS” machine with 98% efficiency
  • The only system with external standalone backup generator operated by diesel, gas or renewable energy
  • Seamlessly provides stabilized power to a load during utility failure
  • High reliability, almost maintenance free
  • Quiet operation and small footprint
  • Low purchasing and operation cost

Target customers:

  • Data Centers
  • TV and Radio Stations
  • Banks, Credit Cards Companies
  • Industrial automatic manufacturers
  • Flight Control
  • Hospitals
  • Many more

Machine Availability:

  • Tested machines ready for demo
  • Time to Market – 12 Months
  • Looking for strategic partners and marketing support for full production
  • Market size for our machines: $6.5 Billion/year